About SoAM

Sister of Another Mama is a collaborative interdisciplinary project between artists SIMKA -Simon Häggblom & Karin Lind (Sweden), Tonya McMullan (N. Ireland), Joseba Irazoki (Basque Country) and Mila Pavicevic (Croatia). By setting up a temporary editorial space our intention is to reach out to and interact with audiences through artistic interventions. The purpose of this project is to remodel the idea of news and public space through art by working together as a group and with local teenagers and journalists across Europe.

In each location we will create an artistic supplement to be distributed along side the local newspaper.

Using sound, images, shapes, form, texts and mixed media we ask the questions: “What is the new(s) today? How does it correspond to its public especially the younger generation?”

Sister of Another Mama was initiated through CORNERS,  a platform for artists and audiences, designed and driven by cultural organisations at the edges of Europe.

CORNERS creates opportunities for artists and researchers to produce multidisciplinary contemporary artistic and cultural collaborative projects. The objective is to enable exchange across geographical, political and economic divisions. More than 50 artists and researchers (and the number is growing) have met through CORNERS, as well as more than 30 organisations and institutions as partners and collaborators.


SoAM in the Haninge studio with Amanda Warff, the graphic designer who worked on SoAM’s first edition newspaper.  Left to right:  Karin Lind, Mila Pavićević,  Simon Häggblom, Amanda Warff, Joseba Irazoki, Tonya McMullan





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